About this SME Diagnostic Tool:

The Caribbean Export SME Diagnostic Tool is designed with a standardized and recognized expert-based methodology, which is internationally used to accurately assess SMEs and identify areas where development is required. The Tool contributes towards helping businesses:

  • identify strengths and weaknesses
  • focus on areas of improvement and make the right adjustments
  • improve potential for growth
  • increase competitiveness and
  • attract investment

The Tool takes an in-depth look at key areas of business such as your Product or Service, Management, Marketing, and Finance, and provides a financial assessment. The final output provides a report that can be referenced which provides direction for adjustments to be made to your business that would enhance the businesses overall capacity and competitiveness. Only firms that have completed the SME Diagnostic Tool will be able to participate in Caribbean Export interventions, and will be required to update their assessments accordingly.

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