The Consultant-Login is for Caribbean Export advisors to access company assessments to provide you with targeted solutions.

In order to get access to your results, you would need to complete all input screens.
Have a look to the "Sitemap". If all 6 forms are marked green, you will have access to your results. You get access to them by using the sitemap or the menubar on the left (enabled after finishing all forms).

Your TAN will be emailed to the address provided in Section 1 of the assessment. If you still do not have access please contact Caribbean Export for assistance.

After finishing a form, there is no further editing possible. Should you wish to make any further changes to your assessment, please contact Caribbean Export for assistance.

In order to complete your assessment, you would need to have access to your company’s financial statements as well as have detailed knowledge about the main areas of your business?

Caribbean Export takes the privacy of our clients very seriously and as such limits access to company assessments to our internal advisors. No company information will be shared with any other individuals or companies without the express permission of the owners.